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We’ve Got Your Beach

Man oh man oh man. July has come to the great State of Wisconsin and we are getting all of the blue skies we could have ever wanted. The Wisconsin Dells is a thing you know? It’s the strip baby yeah. It’s that lets water slide all day and party all night kind of thing you know? Even if you don’t want to Rock n’ Roll all night and party every day, you still can come get the beach.

When you bring your family up and you jam off of the freeway by exit eighty-something and your kids see the familiarity of a giant water slide or a huge lumberjack, that’s the Wisconsin Dells. You drive the parkway and see from one end to the other Pirates Cove, Timbavati Wildlife Park and of course Noah’s Ark.

When you want action, you can get passes to any of these attractions with your stay at our resort. Of course there are some details but we will let you and the website hammer those out. What I am really talking to you about today though is what you can do when you’re not on the strip.

From The Beach To The Boat

Did you know that if you stay four or more days with us you get a free pontoon boat rental? Yep that’s right, when you book a four day stay with us you can take your turn at the wheel and show off your longshore person skills in front of your family. That’s what we all want anyways is to look all kinds of BA in front of our kids LOL.

Then we have picnic areas and the beach. I love that beach lemme tell you. It’s a little slice of heaven on the edge of beautiful Lake Delton. Don’t just take my word for it, here’s a look at a happy little camper that’s having the time of her life at Delton Oaks Resort. Ok talk to you all next week!