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We’re Out Here Filming!

Greetings friends and welcome to summer yeah baby wooo. This week is bringing on a really huge change for Delton Oaks Resort. Starting today we will be filming. That’s right we have cameras that are going to be rolling all week. I find it interesting that no one actually says lights, camera, action at all. They do say action and cut though.


It’s pretty sweet actually because we’re going to film each and every detail of the resort. When you run a business the media that you have generated to represent your business is extremely important. Did you know that americans consume over 75 gigabytes of media per day? Yep add up all of your commercials, radio and television programming. Then make sure you include things like this blog that you stop at and take a look at what they’re going scrolling through your timeline.


Capturing Stories Through Filming


As human beings we have a rich tradition of oral storytelling. Before we had papyrus and cuneiform we had to tell the stories to teach and share information. As humans we love listening to a good story. That’s why the best way for us to show you how awesome Delton Oaks Resort is to bring out a film crew and shoot each and every part of our resort.


When you’re at the resort this week smile and wave at the camera. Don’t forget we have a ton of specials available for you to take advantage of when you book directly with us. We will see you on the lake this week!