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The History of the Bean Bag Game

Greetings all and welcome to this week’s blog post. June first we’re having our 3rd annual Bean Bag Tournament. I riffed on this a bit in last week’s blog and during the course of the week it occured to me, most people don’t know what the heck a bean bag tournament is even about, much less the rules that it is played by. So let’s take a look and figure out what’s going on here.

Alright so the first thing that we need to figure out here is just who are the ACO/ACL and what are the rules. Which led me to my first revelation. We’re calling this Tournament a Bean Bag Tourney. Apparently though it’s referred to as cornholing. Yes folks you heard me right, cornholing.

Bean Bag to Cornhole

So the ACO/ACL acronym stands for the American Cornholing Organization / American Cornholing League. So now I am wondering why it’s called cornholing and less about the rules that govern it. In my quest to uncover the naming convention I learned that the game has been around in some form since the 1400’s.

Next I learned that the game was patented in 1883 as Parlor Quoits and it was sold to a manufacturer in Massachusetts. That manufacturer but the game out under the name Faba Baga and boom so it was.

Now in September 1974 Popular Mechanics Magazine published a “How To” article on making the boards for the game of “Bags” to be played on. This led to an explosion of the game being played all over Chicago, spread to Illinois and Indiana.

Now my next revelation that just completely blew my mind. The league is a really big deal. They have a full on website with marketing and ESPN style graphics. It’s a really well organized venture.

Luckily you won’t need to be a cornholing historian to play in our Bean Bag Tournament you’ll just need to come party with us at the Bloody Mary Bar on June 1st and 2nd! Enjoy Automotion this week and remember we have room specials listed on our website. Keep checking all summer as they will change from time to time!

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