Pet Policy

Pets are welcome in our Main Lodge units (only)* for an additional per-pet, per-night charge. See our Pet Fee.

All of our main Lodge units are now completely renovated. Pets must remain in your room or in designated pet walking areas only. We’re sorry but pets are not allowed on the beach, in the water, or in any of the Lakeside units. Please read our other pet policies below.

*Note:  Our Lakeside rooms, Lakeside Villas, and Lakeside Cabin are now designated as pet-free only. Guests using lakeside units which are found to have pets in them will be asked to leave. No rebates will be given under any circumstances.

We thoroughly clean each unit between guests. All of our pet-friendly rooms go through a rigorous examination after a pet has stayed. This includes extensive cleaning of the room and air using a commercial-grade ozinator.

Our pet policies cover common-sense items you would probably abide by in any case. Generally what we expect from you during your stay at Delton Oaks Resort is that you will be responsible for your pet, and that you will ensure that your pet does not interfere with or disturb out other guests, and does not damage the rooms, furnishings, bedding, or other items.


  1. Pets are not allowed in any of the Lakeside units at any time, period.
  2. Pets are not allowed on the beach or in the water. Pets staying in our pet-friendly Main Lodge units must stay in designated pet walk areas.
  3. Pets are not allowed inside the pool fence.
  4. No additional damage deposit is required, however you will be held personally and financially responsible for any damage to property done by your animal, and for any injury your animal might cause to any guest, visitor, employee, or owner of Delton Oaks Resort.
  5. You must register your pet(s) during check-in. Our pet fee will be included in your total bill which must be paid in full at arrival.
  6. We require that you leave a cell phone number where you may be reached, in case there is an incident or disturbance involving your pet.
  7. Your pet must be up-to-date on vaccinations – including rabies, kennel cough, and distemper. It is not necessary to have proof with you, however if necessary you must be able to provide proof by fax from your vet.
  8. Your pet must be kept on a leash at all times when out of your room. We allow pets off-leash only if it responds to your voice commands and you do not allow it to frighten or annoy anyone, especially children, or approach other dogs in a confrontational manner.
  9. You must pick up your pet’s droppings immediately and dispose of them properly.
  10. You may leave your pet unattended in your room (Main Lodge only), however please be aware that you will be held responsible for any damage your pet may do to the room or furnishings while you are away. You know your dog best so please use your good judgement when leaving your pet alone. If your dog barks excessively while you are gone and creates a disturbance for other guests you will be called to return to the resort to deal with or remove your pet.
  11. Your pets are not allowed on any of our furniture. If you allow your pet on your furniture and cannot guarantee that your pet will not climb onto ours, please bring suitable coverings with you to protect our furniture. A minimum $250 cleaning charge will be applied for soiled or hairy blankets, spreads, sheets, or sofas. If your animal soils our carpeting you will be responsible for cleaning OR if necessary replacing our carpeting at a minimum cost of $250.
  12. We do not limit the number of pets per room (within reason – Main Lodge only), and all breeds are welcome. Per-pet charges will apply.
  13. We reserve the right to refuse to accept any or all animals, and we reserve the right to terminate your stay at any of our properties with no monetary refund if our rules are disregarded or if we decide that your pet is a threat to the health and safety of any of our guests, visitors, employees or owners.

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions regarding any of these policies.