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Saturday May 8, 2021

TACO COOK-OFF with teams competing to win
BEST TASTING TACO in one of 3 categories!

Love Tacos?

It’s TACO MANIA!  Try all the Tacos,
and then help judge the winners

Get your picture taken with Miquel from Disney’s CoCo™
Taste-test the tacos and vote for the best tasting!
Pinata events for the kids – Bouncy House – Fun for the whole family!

10 Teams – Cash Prizes!

$20 Entrance Fee* includes 10 taco coupons & a churro
>> Order Spectator Tickets on Eventbrite <<

Spectator Special – $99 Rooms
(Traditional Studio – 2 night minimum)
*You must CALL (608) 253-4092 to book this deal! 
Spectators who are Delton Oaks registered guests receive
FREE entrance tickets and  up to 3 Taco coupon books per room!

Participating Teams
$60 Entrance Fee – 100% Payout!
$69/night rooms – $89/night Lakeside
(2 night minimum)
Includes 3 Entrance Tickets & Taco Coupon books
Call (608) 253-4092 for details or to book this deal!


Saturday May 8, 2021

12:00 PM
Chicken Tacos

1st Place – $100
2nd Place – $50
3rd Place – $25

1:00 PM
Pork Tacos

1st Place – $100
2nd Place – $50
3rd Place – $25

2:00 PM
Steak Tacos

1st Place – $100
2nd Place – $50
3rd Place – $25

3:00 PM
Awards Ceremony

Grand Champion – $200
Reserved Grand Champion – $100
3rd, 4th & 5th Place – $50
6th Place – $25

In addition to the  10 teams x $60 = $600 in prize money, Delton Oaks Resort will be donating another $400 to the pot!

Event FAQs

What's the Gist?

Every team will compete in 3 different taco challenges.  Chicken, Pork & Steak.  You DO NOT have to be a restaurant to compete.  We are anticipating 10 teams.

Event Rules

Each team must make 3 sets of tacos, made from chicken, pork & steak.  Teams may garnish tacos with whatever they choose,  however teams must deliver the same taco to each participant to the best of their ability.  (What goes on a chicken taco must go on all chicken tacos; What goes on a pork taco must go on all pork tacos). 

Teams are allowed to prep and cook their meats at any time,  however tacos though must be ready for serving at the specific times on the schedule.  Teams are allowed to have a garnish or salsa station for participants to use. 

Tortillas can be homemade, store bought, corn, wheat or flour but tortilla must be no more than 6 inches in diameter.  (The taco should be more of a taste considering each spectator participant’s booklet will contain 10 tacos). Teams may use any gas or charcoal, or any warming device they choose.

What's the Cost?

Entrance Fee is $60 per Team. SOLD OUT!

What's included in the Cost?

Each team will receive a 14’ x 14’ tent with a 6 ft table, individualized team sign & 2 chairs along with electricity.  Each team will also receive a team badge with a Delton Oaks lanyard.

How does the contest work?

Each registered guest, spectator or team participant will receive a $20 booklet containing 10 free taco coupons and 3 tasters choice tickets that will be used to vote for their favorite chicken, pork & steak taco.  Each ticket that that a team receives gets 1 point.  The team with the most points for each competition will win.  In the event of a tie overall points will be used as a tie breaker. Grand Champion winners will be chosen by most overall votes.  In the event of a tie winner of specific category will receive tie breaker.

How do I register?


To register please email Clem at reservations @ with your name, cell phone number, and the name of the team or restaurant as you want it on the table banner.

Mail check for $60 Entrance Fee Registration to Clement Greco 6212 S. Neenah Ave. Chicago Il. 60638. (Your registration will not be complete until your payment is received).

Registration must be receives before June 1, 2019 to give ample time ordering team badges & signs.  Any additional questions you may text or call Clem @ 773-593-3352.

How much should I prep for?

Each team should plan on preparing at least 70 tacos of each type. As the event gets closer teams will be notified of a more exact count. Remember you should be making tacos of a size suitable for taste-testing (no more than 6 inches) not full-size ones.

What should I bring?

We ask that you serve your tacos in either a boat, small plate or foil.  If you want to borrow a Weber-style grill we ask that you request it before April 1st 2020 to make sure the resort has enough.  Charcoal is not provided.

Where do I stay?


Teams may stay at the Delton Oaks Resort for a special rate of $69 a night for a standard room or $89 for a Lakeside condo room. (This rate good until 6/1/2020 – Subject to availability. Please reserve your room early to avoid disappointment.)

Although you don’t have to stay at the Resort to compete it is highly encouraged.  Teams staying at Delton Oaks Resort will also receive 3 complimentary taco booklets excluding the taster choice tickets.

Can I bring my kids to the event?

Yes.  By all means.  This event is not only a taco contest but a Cinco De Mayo party with a DJ and plenty of activities for kids to do.  Miguel from Disney’s CoCo will be there for kids to take pictures.  There will be a pinata event for kids taking place @ 2:30 pm.

How much does it cost if I don't want to compete?


If you want to simply attend as a spectator booklets of 10 taco coupons and a Churro dessert will be on sale for $20 a piece.  Special room rate of $99 be available with 1 free booklet given to each registered guest (up to 4 per room).

Is this a rain or shine event?

Yes, we will have the event regardless of the weather.