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Delton Oaks Resort Photoshoot

Say cheese! Oh, sorry. Not you, I was talking to the new natural granite countertops. What? That’s right; Delton Oaks Resort just had a photoshoot! We are so excited to show you all of our amenities in a whole new light.


One of the reasons we’re so excited about the new photography is because you can not only see what we have to offer, but you can almost feel every picture.  Yes they feature all of our new updates like flat screen TVs, natural granite countertops, and updated headboards, but they also remind you of how good it feels to wake up in morning and have a cup of coffee with the lake right outside your window and the sun gently filtering in on your face. The feeling of warm sand between your toes, knowing that your bed is only seconds away in case you feel a siesta coming on. See what we mean?

What Delton Oaks Resort Captures…


We didn’t just take new pictures of all of the new things, either. Some things just stand the test of time, like the fireplace in the 12 person villa that overlooks the lake. The clean lines of the room, the warmth, smell, and sound of the fireplace, the happiness of gathering, and the background ambience of the lake all come through. What a great picture!

The Value Lodge has never looked better. Yes, the beds are really that soft and yes, the view really is that wide. Calm, serene, secluded… Just three of our personal favorite words when it comes to vacation. Can you feel it?


It’s not always easy to capture ideas such as fun, relaxation, and even the notion of vacation in pictures of beds, windows, and countertops, but we think nailed it this time. Come judge it for yourself and book a stay. Maybe it will be your towel hanging over the balcony next time!

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