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Behold: The Delton Oaks Resort Drink Cooler

You won’t know you need a drink cooler until your beer is hot. That’s right I said it. You won’t know that you need a cooler until your beer is hot! I mean let’s face it. Go to your best bud on the planet and offer her or him a hot beer. I am quite confident that their immediate reaction will would first be “no” and would more than likely be followed with some sort of insult.

Well what do you think is going to happen when you’re trying to be wild and loose in the Wisconsin Dells this summer? You’re going to go out, adventure and come back to a car filled with hot meh adult beverages. Wrong! We’re not going to let that happen to you! What we will let happen is you getting your hands on this stylish yet practical drink cooler.

Now, we have a reason for us to do business here. You want this cooler to keep your cold ones frosty. We want you to tell everyone how awesome we are. So here’s how you can score this awesome refreshment preservation apparatus.

What Must Be Done For A Cooler Prize

All you have to do is upload a video to your favorite social media account telling all of your friends how much fun you’re having at Delton Oaks Resort. Upload that video and tag us in it and blam! Free bag!

Now if tickets to Noah’s Ark, Timbavati Wildlife Park and Bean Bag Tournaments aren’t enough, you can score a device that will help your flavors stay frosty. Of course you have to stay at our resort to be eligible for this offer, but if you’re here, run the vid. You’ll get a cooler! Keep watching for awesome gifts from Delton Oaks Resort. The power is in the palm of your hand! Peace

Don’t miss the fun! Click here to check availability and to book now online, or call our Reservations line at (608) 253-4092.

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